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Medicine packaging in Russia


The facts that have a positive effect on the market of needles, syringes, surgical instruments, medicines in ampoules:

  • over the past 10 years, the number of operations in Russia is growing by 10-15% a year.
  • now the injection route of administration is more preferred than oral one.
  • Russia annually creates about 9 thousand additional hospital beds.

Medicines in ampoules

The volume of production of medicines in Russia in 2014 decreased by 4.6% compared with 2013 year. Despite the increase in production in annual terms, for some items there is a significant decrease in production. The release of drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in ampoules reduced substantially - by 25.7%, and for the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases in ampoules - by 3.6%. The production of ampoules for drugs, used in obstetric practice, reduced by 51.5%. However, there is a positive trend for some categories of drugs. Production growth was observed on the number of ampoules of antibiotics (3.4%), the number of ampoules of asthma and antihistamines (67.5%), the number of drug vials for anesthesia and local anesthesia (52%), the number of drug vials for treatment of eye diseases (16.8%). In 2014, Russian manufacturers have released almost as many vials of drugs for the treatment of cancer, as well as in 2013.

Today, the Russian authorities are betting on the domestic production of medicines. The Government intends to encourage Russian producers to increase output, creates preferences for them. So, the local production of medicines, including medicine in ampoules, will grow.

Disposable medical products

The range and volume of production of disposable medical products in Russia increased annually. The market volume amounted to 80.7 billion rubles in 2014. In 2014, the share of domestic production in the total volume of the Russian market of disposable medical products accounted for about 15%, so the market for disposable medical products of Russian production amounted to 12.1 billion rubles.

The share of goods of Russian production is following:

  • medical devices for surgery - 17%
  • medical devices for infusion - 18%
  • wound care products - 15%
  • plastic products for in vitro diagnostics - 6%
  • reagents, test systems for in vitro diagnostic use - 20%
  • medical devices for resuscitation - 5%
  • medical devices for blood service - 2%.

There is a growth of production volumes of medical devices for surgery, injections, for resuscitation. This is due to an increase in government purchases.

Syringes and needles

According to analysts, the value of the market for syringes in 2014 amounted to 111 million USD, the volume is 2.3 billion pieces. The predominant share of production of syringes in 2014 is in the Moscow region. With regard to the value of the medical needles in Russia, it was 31.6 million USD in 2014. According to official sources the production of needles is not represented in Russia in 2014. Legislative restriction of supply of foreign medical equipment in Russia will affect on the development of the market of syringes and needles in the nearest future, which implies a prohibition of purchases of needles, syringes and other instruments of this kind of foreign production by public medical institutions. Increase in the production of syringes and needles by domestic companies will be possible next years.

Saint Petersburg, the 24th February 2016

Dr. Natalya Barkar