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About us

We are not the usual agents!

From its headquarters of the Russian Center of Commerce in St. Petersburg, our team of professionals are able to share its experience for the success of its clients within Russia and CIS countries.

Since 2011 the Center has been active for its clients also with a front office in Lugano, Switzerland.

The Center is structured to support companies and assist them in entering the markets of the Russian Federation and the CIS Countries.

As global companies continue to face difficulties in successfully entering the Russian and CIS markets, the Center helps our clients to navigate the necessities of remote management, language, certifications, legal framework and marketing strategies.

The Center executive team is able to tailor our market strategies to the specific needs of our clients. Our clients receive customized projects and a range of effective and efficient solutions and operational modalities.


The mission of the Center is to work alongside our clients for the results-oriented development of business projects, which fulfil the client, needs for effective introduction into the Russian and CIS markets.


Our company vision is to perpetuate our professional growth to affect the greatest advantage for our clients.

Why Choose Us
We Know Russia because we are Russians

The Center operates from St. Petersburg with an experienced executive team of local professionals dedicated to our clients’ business success. 

Dedicated Problem-Solvers

We are dedicated problem-solvers. We work to achieve strategic business goals for our clients – helping them to generate new leads and to successfully close new contracts.

Agile and Fast Working Style

This type of approach helps our clients to quickly develop their marketing and sales strategies in Russia and the CIS countries.   

Swiss High Quality Performances

Thanks to our past experiences we have developed the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients. In 2011 we added an important ingredient. The front office in Lugano, Switzerland 

Dedicated Support

Our clients can consistently rely on the Center’s effective analysis, knowledge, support and practical problem-solving methods for their business needs.

High Level of Response

Our solutions allow our clients to operate in total comfort.

Our Clients
Our Clients have organized industries, opened new markets, improved technologies and made countless lives better. e are privileged to work with hundreds of future-thinking businesses, including creative minds oriented to the best results.