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Hydraulic hoses

There is always demand for hydraulic hoses in Russia.

The market of hydraulic hoses had a positive trend in 2018-2020. At the end of 2018, it amounted to 22.3 thousand tons, which was facilitated by:

  • improving the state of the Russian economy;
  • revival in the construction sector;
  • development of the food and chemical industry;
  • implementation of investment projects in the energy sector;
  • development of transport infrastructure.

Domestic production exceeded the volume of imported supplies by about 20 times in the structure of hydraulic hoses market in 2018-2020,

The leader of import supplies was China in 2018-2020 (more than 61%).

There is a number of large plants, which produce hydraulic hoses, fittings, adapters in Russia. They are evenly distributed throughout Russia, serving mainly the regions in which they are located, as well as all regions and exporting their products. These companies produce the wide range of hydraulic hoses for different industrial fields as well as supply imported hydraulic hoses of different brands, providing services of assembling. As a rule, such companies have their own testing laboratories. These large companies are listed in the Excel table.

There is a trend towards the opening of many small-scale productions of hydraulic hoses in Russia. It is not difficult in Russia to open your own small-scale production. The price of equipment for hydraulic hoses production is relatively low. Initial investment is about 600,000 rubles. The production technology of hydraulic hoses is relatively simple. According to experts, the market saturation is low. But in this case small companies produce only limited range of hoses.

Almost all of them have test laboratories and it is needed to find out what test stands they have, if they are going to renew the test equipment or buy more.


Dr. Natalia Barkar, Saint Petersburg 25/05/21

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