Chianti arrives in Russia through the Instagram profiles of the most important influencers. It selected 10, followed by 1.3 million people in total, but with the ability to reach 3 million people with posts and stories. This is the new promotional strategy of the Chianti Wine Consortium: with trips and events in the presence prohibited due to the pandemic, the denomination wants to continue to strengthen its position in this country and makes itself known through the social profiles of those who know how to best tell the story. product and communicate with your followers.

«We have decided to take a new path that is well aligned with the innovations that this pandemic has, despite ourselves, introduced - explains the president of the Consortium Giovanni Busi -. The way of communicating and relating with consumers has profoundly changed, there are new targets and ways of consumption. Extreme flexibility and diversification of strategies is also required and the Consortium has taken up this challenge with a new and stimulating project, involving influencers who embrace every segment of our market ".

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