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Client & Partner Research in Russia

Our specifically tailored client research for Partners and Customers is divided into two major categories:

  1. Outsourcing Operations
  2. Delocalization

For clients who wish to enact outsourcing operations, we propose a variety of progressive solutions alongside exclusive and client-specific tools and strategies developed for the Russian and CIS markets.

Our Executive Team assists our clients with the effective navigation of the best methods of showcasing their products consistent with the demands and tastes of various Russian and CIS groups and industries. Our Executive Team also assists our clients with the best methods of finalizing agreements, contracts and sales within the Russian and CIS markets.

Our Executive Team is committed to assisting clients with the following:

  • Analysing the market and identifying the best marketing targets.
  • Preparation of Russian-language textual and visual communicative and marketing items.
  • Direct management of clients’ contact needs, if necessary.
  • Examination and verification of any Russian and CIS entities.
  • Management of language-specific contracts and closings.
  • Alignment with qualified certification partners.
  • Import duties on the basis of any relevant customs HS Codes.

Thanks to the Center’s many years of experience, our clients are introduced to a variety of the major importers and distributors within the major cities, regions and special economic areas of Russia and the CIS countries.

For clients who desire to delocalize and to directly establish themselves within either Russia itself or any of the CIS countries, the Center is able to guide its clients through Russia’s recent import substitution policy enacted since 2014.

The Center is able to advise its clients throughout the various government processes and procedures through the in-depth analysis of various industrial parks, commercial areas, tax breaks, custom duty exemptions and possible industrial and non-industrial development funding within the Russian and CIS markets.