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Joaquín Saez-Merino


Client >Phase ONE< 09/2019


Established in Spain in 1962, Lois Jeans is the first European jeans brand that has conquered the world. In the 70s Lois Jeans became the favourite jeans label of legends such as Abba, Björn Borg, James hunt, and Johan Cruyff. Soon, young people from all over the world started to recognize the quality and excellent fit of our jeans. Nowadays, Lois Jeans is still proud, going strong, and still made in Spain. From our headquarters, we spread our pride for Lois Jeans all over the world. Be proud of who you are with Lois Jeans, wrapped in a cool pair of jeans.


It all started from creating a brand and product not built on the history of cowboys and horses, but on a fun pair of jeans born on the dance floor. These jeans were not built on functionality, but on fashion. At Lois Jeans we create products that make you happy. We strive to create clothing that is wearable in every climate and season.

Lois Jeans launches two different outerwear collections a year. Each one has more than 150 different types of garments including jeans, shirts, slacks and knitwear. - these collections are made for men and women. - there is are a wide range of basic and trendy models designed in Spain following and setting the latest trends in fashion.


Lois Jeans is born from the concern of young Europeans that want to express their ideas through a different way of dressing, that are interested in music, art and innovation. Therefore, one of the hallmarks of Lois Jeans is the importance placed on the design of our collections. We try to always keep up with current market trends in order to adapt to the latest fashion tendencies and incorporate them into the Lois concept.


Lois Jeans was the first European brand to position itself as one of the four major brands of jeans in the world, marketing them on all five continents, and providing proof that the spirit behind the product was destined for success, labelled for longevity. Lois Jeans, more than any other Spanish brand, demonstrated a strong will to succeed. Lois is present in more than 40 countries worldwide through its licensing and distribution system.


In September 2019 Lois Jeans signed the mandate with our center, subscribing the solution >PHASE ONE< which included the analysis of the Russian clothing market in demin for men and women.

>Phase One<

  • Study and analysis of the reference market and direct competitors on the Russian market.
  • Imports: quantity and origin of the product imported by competitors
  • Certification standards with HS CODE 62034231 - Cotton denim trousers and breeches for men or boys (excl. Knitted, industrial and overalls and work underpants, dungarees and braces) and HS CODE 62046231 - Cotton denim trousers and breeches for woman or girl (excl. industrial and work, bibs and braces, overalls and panties)
  • Study and selection of the best trade fairs in the sector
  • Presentation of the company and products to the target audience
  • Market strategy according to the local trend

We have achieved excellent results and received important positive feedbacks that have allowed Lois Jeans to be able to face the Federation's market penetration in total comfort. An important portfolio of specialized importers and distributors mainly present in the Russian capital.