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Mr. Flavio Collazuol


Client since 01/02/2018

Since 1970 in the heart of the Dolomites
Born in the 70s in Ponte nelle Alpi, in the heart of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, Hydropompe S.r.l. produces and sells worldwide a wide range of solutions for pumping of aquifers flows: submersible pumps and drainage water pumps.

Our pumps respond individually to every kind of need, ensuring the highest quality and an excellent customer service. Hydropompe S.r.l. srl was founded over forty years ago, directing its activities towards the field of metal and working with machine tools. Within the company the expertise in the field of mechanical engineering becomes soon more refined and specialized towards the design and construction of pumps and submersible pumps for heavy-duty applications such as pumping and sludge treatment coring and excavation in depth. A specialization that was immediately welcomed by the market of electric submersible pumps and that continues to distinguish our work.
The constant search for the design and construction of electric pumps suitable to work in the toughest conditions allowed us to gain skills in designing and manufacturing submersible pumps for drainage and for the treatment of white and black waters, both for civil and industrial use. It is for the quality of all our submersible pump that we are mainly well-known on the international market today.
Specialized in electric submersible pumps
The electric pumps are a well-established product from the point of view of the hydraulic design. Submarines, such as ours, require in addition a special care primarily aiming at ensuring the reliability and durability. Our experience and craftsmanship, combined with updated technological and management support enable us to maintain a high level of quality of each pump and to be present on the market with a wide range of electric pumps made entirely in Italy, as a guarantee of quality and reliability.
More than 40 years’ experience and research.
We have evolved from year to year to get to create the best in the field of electric submersible pumps. Water has always been our most valuable asset. Respecting it also means being able to control the flow so as to ensure the best use.

Hydropompe Srl knows it: for this reason, for almost forty years, it is engaged in the conception, design and implementation of tools for water drainage, especially submersible pumps, to both domestic and industrial use. Our pumps offer the best in water management.
An international commercial network
Established in Italy, but a large part of our pumps is present on foreign markets. Our success abroad is the natural consequence of some specific choices and standards of quality that meets all our submersible pumps. The foreign relations have begun, already many years ago, as a challenge to ourselves and due to the desire to compete with new realities, to gain new experiences and to succeed in a new and fascinating enterprise. The choice to select the trade relations according to qualitative and expertise criteria adequate to our standards has allowed us to achieve excellent results both in Italy and abroad.

>Phase One<

  • Study on the market, value and size
  • Direct Competitors in the Russian market
  • Imports: amounts and origins
  • Certification rules and procedure for HS CODE >84137021< (Single-stage submersible pumps) >84139100< (Parts of pumps for liquids)
  • Main exhibitions in Russia
  • Calls Feedback: presentation and introduction of the company and products
  • Market strategy according to the local trend


After having decided the market strategy together with our Team in Saint Petersburg and Hydropompe S.r.l., it took 2 years to find the right partner and to subscribe the distribution agreement in force today. Russia represents one of the most attractive market for pumps producers of all over the world, big brands with local productions as well. A war of price and quality that we won thanks to the high quality and good competitiveness Hydropompe S.r.l. his offering to its distributors all over the world.

EAC Certificate

Thanks to the suporto of our Center, today Hydropompe S.r.l. is covered by all necessary EAC certificates and is importing and distributing all over Russia through its Official Dealer in Saint Petersburg.