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Mr. Ciaponi Sandro


Client since 17/02/2016

Ciaponi S.r.l. Lubrication Systems is an Italian leading company in the research and development of lubrication technologies. Established in 1969, it is based in San Miniato Basso | Pisa - Italy. Since its creation, the family has designed and manufactured centralized lubrication systems with both manual and automatic solutions for the supply of grease or liquid lubricants suitable for all kinds of vehicles, machines and equipment. Today, Ciaponi’s systems are successfully employed around the world on thousands of heavy vehicles and special equipment's. Thanks to the reliability of the systems, Ciaponi’s products since 2001, are certified ISO 9001 Certification obtained by “Det Norske Veritas”. Ciaponi S.r.l. is also certified EAC for the Eurasian markets.

Since 1985, Ciaponi Centralized Lubrication is officially included in the Iveco Shop Catalogue and in the Ex-factory option list for Stralis, Trakker, Astra and Iveco Buses. Among its clients, Ciaponi S.r.l. can praise important producers of special and heavy vehicles inside and outside Italy, like Iveco SpA, Merlo SpA, Venieri Spa, AMAZONE Russia, etc.

>Phase One<

  • Study on the market >> Value and size
  • Direct competitors in the market
  • Imports by type of goods
  • Certifications rules for the lubrication system with HS CODE 84798960
  • Calls Feedback
  • Market penetration strategy 


In 2016 Ciaponi S.r.l. Lubrication Systems gave us the first mandate to analyse the Russian market by subscribing the >PHASE ONE< solution. The result was more then satisfactory and Ciaponi S.r.l. singed immediately after the annual contract for the development of the market, promotion and management.

EAC Certificate

Today Ciaponi's Lubrication Systems, thanks to our Center, are EAC certified and the general importer in Russia is distributing and installed all around Russia.